Snapchat Nude Stories

Snapchat’s terms of service prohibit any sort of nudity and explicit content, or use stories to advertise pornographic material. However, Snapchat has made quite a reputation for being used as a sexting app. Since the company launched in 2011, users have been using the app to send nude snap stories.

The appeal for Snap Nudes is due to the nature of the app itself – where photos, stories, and videos disappear immediately after being viewed. Snapchat rarely blocks NSFW content, which makes them a favorite amogst porn stars, who use the app to show their followers a peep into their personal life.

Snapchat has popularized the sexting word, and the app is here to stay. Their new Snap Spectacles are the company’s latest gadget, which lets users make memories directly from their glasses. Sources such as The New York Times, have speculated that users might use the glasses to facilitate sending nudes snaps, but we will just have to wait and see.

How to Meet Gay Guys Near You

Are you having little luck in the gay dating scene? Do you have difficulty figuring out if a guy is gay or not? Are you having trouble meeting gay men in general?

Well, you are certainly not alone. Meeting someone is hard enough, but then throw in the fact that you’re gay makes it even harder. Factoring in the average amount of social anxiety and self-doubt, it may seem like meeting someone is virtually impossible.

If you need some guidance, look no further. Here are some tips on how to meet gay men near you:

1. Head to a gay bar

I know this sounds a little obvious but if you’re having a difficult time figuring out which guys are straight and gay when you go out you might as well eliminate all other possibilities.

Going to a gay bar will also introduce you to other gay people that you may not have interest in dating but can become close friends.

Even if you have to drive a while out of your way to get to a gay bar it is definitely worth it.

2. Download Tinder, Grindr, Scruff, you name it

Even if you’re not looking to hook up, making a profile on these dating sites will introduce you to gay men near you. All of these apps are location based, which means you are going to match with or see people who are closer to you than they are far.

As someone who has used some of these apps, you’d be surprised as to how many conversations blossom into either fantastic relationships or friendships.

However, if you are looking for good sex, this is definitely a step in the right direction.

3. Ask your friends to introduce you to their gay friends

Even if your friends are friends with gay guys you don’t find attractive or desirable, these gay friends are more than likely friends with more gay men and so on and so forth. By befriending these friends-of-friends, you are going to increase the number of gay men you know and make it more likely for you to meet someone special.

If you are struggling to find gay friends in general, this is the best way to find other gay men who live near you and who are empathetic to your situation as a gay man.

4. Find your local gay community

Finding your community can be hard, especially if you live in a very conservative area. If you live in a city it shouldn’t be difficult to find a gay men’s club, GSA, or gay bar. However, if you are out in the bible belt I encourage you to go online. Use location based apps like Grindr and Tinder to find other people near you. Use Facebook as well to get connected with the gay community in the nearest liberal bubble.

5. Gay activities

This is the best way that I could describe going to things like Pride celebrations, balls, ect. By going to events like these, even if they aren’t in your home city, you are bound to meet other gay men and enter into a community. From there, once you are surrounded by likeminded individuals, you are bound to meet someone.

Check out the video below for more info on where to meet gay men!