5 Struggles Of Gay Dating When You’re Hot

There are so many struggles to dating in general in the gay world, but when you’re extremely attractive, it makes it a million times more difficult. It’s hard to imagine a hot guy having any issues landing other guys but realistically it is more difficult than the average looking Joe trying to get dates on a Friday night.

1. Too Intimidating:

The problem with being too hot is that no one thinks they’re good enough to approach you, so you’re stuck standing by yourself at the bar. Obviously, you see the positive reaction when you walk into the room and how all of the guys are drooling over you, but it doesn’t mean that any of them will actually walk up and approach you.

It’s definitely more flattering to be considered eye candy and drooled over from afar, but hot gay guys want to be approached and pursued just like anyone else it just takes the right kind of confident man to do it.

2. Assume You’re Taken:

If you’re that hot how can you possibly be single? It’s almost as if no one believes you if you’re on the market but extremely good looking, maybe everyone assumes you’re probably crazy or promiscuous.

Chances are you’re neither but blessed with excellent genetics and happen to want a serious relationship, but no one can measure to your standards, physically or emotionally. The majority of men will assume you’re already seeing someone or even multiple people with looks like that so you’re left feeling single, lonely and disappointed and the lack of interaction you get when going out.

3. Like You For Your Body:

If you’re walking in somewhere strutting your stuff chances are men are already picturing you naked. In most cases, physical attraction and appearance are what really matters right in the beginning until someone gets to know you personally. Unfortunately, attractive gay men aren’t given the same regard because once guys have slept with them, the instant spark and connection are gone.

4. Too Jealous Over You:

The hotter you are, the more in demand you become to your potential flings and partners which make it very hard for an insecure person to date you. Gay relationships have a huge focus on physical appearances, and both guys are usually up to par in fitness when compared to each other. However, there are times when men have let themselves go while their partner is maintaining their physique, creating hostility and insecurity from the not so great looking partner.

5. Thinks You’re ‘Super Hung‘:

Just because your body is intact and your facial structure was chiseled by the gods does not mean they’re packing in a full load down there.
I mean obviously, it’s a good assumption if someone was born with such great looks how could that department be lacking. There have been plenty of times that people seem “disappointed” when going home with the hot guy because they were expecting a surreal penis.

Check out the video below for more info on this!