Snapchat Nude Stories

Snapchat’s terms of service prohibit any sort of nudity and explicit content, or use stories to advertise pornographic material. However, Snapchat has made quite a reputation for being used as a sexting app. Since the company launched in 2011, users have been using the app to send nude snap stories.

The appeal for Snap Nudes is due to the nature of the app itself – where photos, stories, and videos disappear immediately after being viewed. Snapchat rarely blocks NSFW content, which makes them a favorite amogst porn stars, who use the app to show their followers a peep into their personal life.

Snapchat has popularized the sexting word, and the app is here to stay. Their new Snap Spectacles are the company’s latest gadget, which lets users make memories directly from their glasses. Sources such as The New York Times, have speculated that users might use the glasses to facilitate sending nudes snaps, but we will just have to wait and see.