Discover SPdate, the Newest & Most Innovative Dating App for the LGBT Community

While there are lots of dating apps out there, and even lots of dating apps targeted specifically at the LGBT community, none of them have completely addressed of the wide variety of wants and needs LGBT people are asking for.

SP Date is changing that. While this is a dating app anyone can use, not just people who are part of the LGBT community, they aim to be the best dating app the solves everyone’s problems with online dating. Here’s what they’re doing for LGBT people.

How does SPdate work?

People have been creating LGBT apps dating sites ever since the beginning of the internet, but so far nothing totally aligns with what people are asking for. So they created a solution for that with SPdate, taking into account all the common complaints of different people, including LGBT people.

Members can post their own profiles and search other members by location, occupation, style, favorite bands, and interests, and what type of relationship they want, or if they’re just looking to hook up. The site is free to try and filled with members who are searching for a same sex partner, or any kind of partner you could desire.

Why is SPdate the best dating app for the LGBT community?

They support gay marriage and they’re one of the few dating apps that treat same sex couples as a top priority. Why do the majority of LGBT people say they don’t meet other LGBT people on other dating apps? Why do bisexuals and lesbians say they don’t date other bisexual and lesbian people? How can an app make dating better for everyone and address all of the diverse needs of the LGBT community? These are just some of the questions that were driving their team. One simple answer was to be inclusive. They want to support different kinds of people, and the reaction to our app has been incredible.

How does SPdate make sure people are safe?

Because the LGBT community has unique needs when it comes to finding a partner, there is no generic “best dating app for everyone.” You might be a straight guy looking for a casual sexual encounter with an actual woman who doesn’t mind casual sex. Or you might be a trans woman and looking for your third gender love connection. There’s no generic “best dating app for everyone.” The core focus of the SPdate app is to meet people who share similar needs. The app adapts, filtering by different criteria and prioritizing different features to match who you are and what you’re looking for. In essence, this is the most inclusive app out there, meeting the unique needs of the LGBT community.


Overall, while SPdate isn’t perfect, it’s still one of the best dating apps for the LGBT community out there and it’s worth checking out, even if it does come at the hefty price of $13.99 per month for a premium membership. Check it out! We think you’ll love this app no matter who you are.